Tuesday, June 24, 2014

30/30 - #4 Pho

I Pho-reaking love Pho and only started enjoying this deliciousness about two years ago. I have not tried to make this dish yet, but this is definitely on my "kitchen challenge" list to work on eventually. Pho is on the Top 30 list because I enjoy it every time and have several days where I even crave it, even in the summer time. This spicy, flavorful, broth-y, Vietnamese soup packs a powerful punch. It is a labor of love that takes hours, often days to make. 

There is a small place in Raleigh called Pho Far East that makes the BEST Pho ever. The Hubby and I go there often and order the same thing every time. We even get it as take out.

So if you haven't tried Pho, go find some! You will NOT regret it :)

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