Sunday, June 8, 2014

30/30 - #20 Kimbap in Raleigh

#20 on my Top 30 list is another restaurant in the area, one of the best - Kimbap. Kimbap is a Korean-inspired restaurant that uses seasonal ingredients sourced from local farmers. Oh yea, this is definitely my kind of place!

30/30 - #21 Kimbap in Raleigh |
Gluten Free Dumplings

I first discovered Kimbap over a year ago from one of my friends with Celiac Disease. She was so excited about this place because the menu listed gluten free items. They even make gluten free dumplings....heaven on earth! Asian cuisine is one of my favorites to begin with, so adding in gluten free and locally sourced ingredients was the icing on the cake (gluten free cake of course).

  30/30 - #21 Kimbap in Raleigh |        30/30 - #21 Kimbap in Raleigh |

30/30 - #21 Kimbap in Raleigh |
Kimbap Seaweed Roll Special

Some of my family joined me for lunch there recently and we were lucky enough to be served by Kim, the owner and head chef. She is a very welcoming person, who fully supports local farmers and the Raleigh community. I was thrilled that I got to talk with her a bit and let her know that I was going to be blogging about her restaurant.

30/30 - #21 Kimbap in Raleigh |
Bipimbap with Beef

We ordered a great variety from the menu, including some of her seasonal specials for the day. There is a variety of images in this post from our meal, but the ultimate favorite dish at Kimbap for me is the bipimbap, a rice bowl topped with kimchi, seasonal vegetables, sunny side up egg and beef. It is a very satisfying and delicious bowl, full of flavor and crispy rice.

30/30 - #21 Kimbap in Raleigh |

Kimbap uses local, pasture-raised meats, pesticide-free veggies, local eggs and North Carolina caught seafood. I think it is great that restaurants and chefs are Local in every sense of the word! The Hubby and I frequent this restaurant and plan on continuing to do so!

30/30 - #21 Kimbap in Raleigh |
Local Sesame Greens

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