Thursday, June 5, 2014

30/30 - #23 Sweet Potato Fries

We are rolling right along here with my Top 30 on Kettler Cuisine. Chiming in at #23 are Sweet Potato Fries. I seriously could eat them every day of my life and be quite happy. If these sweet and crispy treats are on a menu, you can guarantee I will order them!

30/30 - #23 Sweet Potato Fries |

Probably my favorite in the area is at Bull City Burger and Brewery. Not only can I get sweet potato fries, but a freshly ground burger on a gluten free bun with a side of house-made pickled vegetables too! 

But this post isn't about the amazing food at Bull City (another time). Today, I am sharing the recipe to make sweet potato fries at home. Yes, I am a health nut, so there is absolutely no deep frying in my kitchen. (The Hubby still seems to think he will convince me to do it one day). It is tough to make sweet potato fries at home and still get that crunchy outside, however, the recipe on My New Roots is the closest I have tried. The cornmeal and butter coating is pretty freaking delicious! I like to add in additional spices to my "shake and bake" mix - cayenne and cumin. Until tomorrow...

Sweet Potato Fries

Recipe over at My New Roots

Add 1/2 teaspoon Cayenne powder and 1/4 teaspoon cumin powder to the cornmeal mix

30/30 - #23 Sweet Potato Fries |

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