Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The Healing Power of Pho

Seriously! Who gets sick in the middle of summertime?! Oh wait, I do!

The Healing Power of Pho | www.kettlercuisine.com

I have to rant for a minute here. I am a very healthy person. I eat well, exercise, take vitamins and minerals. I even eat fermented vegetables and drink water kefir every day! Unfortunately one of my medications for Crohn's suppresses my immune system just enough for me to catch every sickness known to man! I missed the first NCSU football game on Saturday because of this stupid sinus cold. I got so frustrated that I decided to stack on all my cold-remedies at once to nip this thing in the bud.

And those remedies include:

1. Hot water, lemon and honey (3-4 cups a day)
2. Neti pot (twice a day)
3. Cold humidifier (next to my bed at night)
4. DayQuil for the really severe days. I try everything before going to antibiotics.
5. And, the best of all, Pho

The Healing Power of Pho | www.kettlercuisine.com

Pho, pronounced "fuh," is a traditional Vietnamese beef noodle soup. I don't have a recipe to share because it is quite complicated (and I am American). Just find the best Vietnamese restaurant in your area and when I say "best," I mean most authentic. For us, the best is a little hole-in-the-wall restaurant in a strip mall - Pho Far East in Raleigh. My friend Nicole introduced us to this spot (she has been going for many years) and it didn't disappoint. I tried the traditional Pho the first time (which has beef and other meats), but my favorite is the chicken noodle Pho.

The Healing Power of Pho | www.kettlercuisine.com

Hot broth, rice noodles, chicken and a lot of fresh herbs, bean sprouts, chili peppers, lime and onions. The first bite opens your sinuses right up! After several cups of hot water, honey and lemon and a run-in with the Neti pot, I was able to gather enough energy to pick up a bowl of Pho for dinner. I woke up feeling ten times better the next morning.

I am convinced, Pho is the best remedy around! Pho-real! Pho-sho!

The Healing Power of Pho | www.kettlercuisine.com

If you are feeling brave: Pho Recipe from Steamy Kitchen
When you find that Vienamese hole-in-the-wall: How to Eat A Bowl of Pho Like You Know What You're Doing

(If you can't find a good Vietnamese restaurant, you can also make Healing Vegetable Soup).

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