Sunday, April 1, 2012

I now pronounce you Man and Wife

Welcome to my blog, my name is Jessica and I recently just became a Kettler! On October 1, 2011 I married Ryan (a.k.a. "the husband" or "taste tester") in the beautiful North Carolina mountains. We couldn't be happier, until it comes to figuring out what is for dinner! I should start by saying that I love cooking and he loves eating...sounds like a perfect marriage right?

Kettler Cuisine
(Ryan and I in San Francisco right before we got engaged)

Not really, because our idea of a perfect meal differs drastically! I am a very healthy eater and like to cook with whole foods and healthy combinations. I am an avid runner and yoga practitioner and I always drink 8 glasses of water a day! Then there is my sweet husband, who loves to indulge. His favorite things are buffalo wings, ranch dressing (yes, this is a favorite food) and Girl Scout cookies.

I have spent several years collecting recipes, ideas, advice, cookbooks and more. However, most of my collection doesn’t really appeal to my husband's taste. So, the obsession began to convert all my recipes into new ones we both would enjoy. With our combined love for great food, we always seem to come together in the kitchen to create a great meal. Even our cat, Pinot loves to eat as much as we do!

Kettler Cuisine
(Our kitty Pinot trying to sneak a bite of steak)

With a new name, new marriage and a lot of new kitchen toys, I am excited to share not only new recipes, but some of our favorites. I hope you enjoy my Kettler Cuisine! 

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