Sunday, June 22, 2014

30/30 - #6 Peach Bourbon Crumble

Aspen and the FOOD & WINE Classic have been amazing! I love my bestie for experiencing this with me. There will be plenty of pictures and stories to share once I wrap my head around all the exciting events. But for now, I bring you #6 and a Peach Bourbon Crumble!

30/30 - #6 Peach Bourbon Crumble

I came up with this recipe in the middle of peach season last summer amongst the abundance of delicious, sweet, juicy peaches that were at the market. Last Summer, the Carolina's experienced one of the best peach seasons in years, so I was buying them right and left and making whatever I could come up with!

Peach season is just around the corner, so I thought it would be a very appropriate recipe to include in my Top 30 list!

5 days until I turn 30!!!

Find the recipe for the Peach Bourbon Crumble here.

30/30 - #6 Peach Bourbon Crumble

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  1. Jessica,
    What a perfect recipe to make for your 30th Birthday Celebration! I was charged with making a cake to accompany the meal and the GF cake your Mom was making, so I decided THIS was the recipe. Knowing you're more of a "fruit dessert" person than a cake lady, I rolled up my sleeves to begin! It wasn't difficult to make, but I did have two "issues". Although these issues didn't affect the taste (which was amazing), it did affect my clean up time! I would add to the instructions, 1) be sure to leave a full 1" space from the sides of the pan to the top of the contents for expansion during baking and the bubbling and 2) when crumbling the topping onto the peaches, try to leave a little space between the pieces (do not cover the peaches completely) I made a triple recipe and used a 8" x 8" pan and a 7" x 11". In the future, if I make a triple recipe again, I would use a 7" x 11" and a 9" x 13". That would have eliminated the bubble-over AND the extra topping I had left-over!
    THIS recipe is a keeper! I know I'll make it again!
    Hugs ... Your Mom #2