Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Soft Shell Crab

Let's get real with seafood today! A few weeks ago, I came across an article on soft shell crab. As someone who claims to be an expert seafood eater, I have never had soft shell crab as a main dish. So, naturally, I had to fix that!

I called up my parents to discuss the upcoming visit and asked if they wanted it for dinner one night. I knew they would be all over this idea!

Soft Shell Crab | www.kettlercuisine.com

Growing up, I spent many summers at the beach. My father grew up on the coast, and as a result KNOWS good seafood. And since he knows good seafood, he taught me well:

  • It has to be fresh or I ain't touching it!!
  • Stay away from fried seafood. Why ruin a great thing by covering up the taste of it.
  • All you need is Old Bay :)
Since the Hubby grew up in the Midwest, he wasn't accustomed to fresh seafood very often. I quickly learned this about him when we first started dating and tried to introduce him to my family seafood traditions and events...such as the oyster roast! (I think my family could put down 20 bushels of oysters in one sitting easily, but that is for another time and post).

Soft Shell Crab | www.kettlercuisine.com

Back to the issue at hand...soft shell crab. I called several local seafood markets and found luck with a fresh batch brought in that morning. I rushed over, bought several crabs per person and headed straight to my parents. Through this little cooking adventure, I learned several things from my parents about cooking soft shell crab:

  • A good rule of thumb is 2 crabs per person.
  • Always eat the crabs within 24 hours of purchasing them. The fresher, the better.
  • If they weren't frozen and just caught, even better!!
  • They cook quick!!
  • The entire crab is edible - not for the weak stomached!
  • They are packed with flavor, but can be a different consistency than normal crabs.
So after my first experience cooking and eating soft shell crab, I have to say I feel educated and cultured! I loved the flavor, and even though I had a hard time with the consistency at first, I still managed to gobble the whole thing down. Needless to say, my parents devoured them and LOVED it. That was enough to make me happy!

Soft Shell Crab | www.kettlercuisine.com

Soft Shelled Crab

Yields: 3-4 servings
Prep Time: 10 minutes
Cook Time: 6 minutes

6 soft shelled crab, fresh
Old Bay seasoning
chili rub seasoning
salt and pepper
ghee or butter

In a shallow bowl or large plate, mix the flour and spices together.

In a large saute pan, melt the butter over medium-high heat.

Dredge each crab in the flour mixture and place in the pan quickly. After 2-3 minutes, flip the crabs and cook the other side for 2-3 minutes more. Remove and serve immediately.

Soft Shell Crab | www.kettlercuisine.com
Like the blue nails??


  1. Jess,

    I am a HUGE soft shell crab fan! I love to have them fried up, on a sandwhich with a juicy tomato and tarter sauce. Can't wait to try this recipe next time I find some!


    1. I couldn't agree more Sarah! When you can find them fresh, it is so delicious :)