Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving & Oyster Season in NC

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Instead of filling your inboxes and social media feeds with another Thanksgiving recipe, I thought I would focus on one of the holiday traditions in my family....Oysters!

Happy Thanksgiving & Oyster Season in NC |

There are many reasons why Fall is my favorite season in North Carolina, but oysters are definitely at the top of that list! I LOVE fresh oysters! There is nothing better than using brute force to crack open the shell and slurp up the briny, delicious prize from inside.

Happy Thanksgiving & Oyster Season in NC |

I realize that last statement might not sound that appetizing to most people, but I just can't help myself. It is one of the few ocean gems that I don't mind working for to eat. As long as I can remember, I have enjoyed them, but I am sure there was a moment when I was younger where I stared an oyster in the face and truly questioned whether I should bet my life on a raw thing that looked like a booger. 

Luckily for me, that was sooooo long ago that I don't remember it, so for now, my unwavering love for oysters continues! They are coming in hot right now in NC too. The Hubby and I are always following Locals Seafood to know what is coming in fresh from the NC coast. The other night, we got several dozen Wild Harvest oysters for less than $20. The catch is that you have to clean and open them yourselves, but with the training I have from my Father, I was in good shape!

Happy Thanksgiving & Oyster Season in NC |

The Hubby and I prefer to eat them raw, but most people grill, bake or steam them. I found a few good recipes for folks to peruse:

If you are brave enough to eat them raw, be prepared for a bit of a workout to get them open. Raw oysters are much harder to open, so the proper tool and technique is very important! A lot of helpful information can be found here on how to shuck oysters.

Then all you need to pull off your Oyster on the Half Shell plater is a few accouterments: lemon wedges, hot sauce, melted butter, chow chow or other pickled shallots.

Happy Thanksgiving & Oyster Season in NC |

We prefer to eat the oysters by themselves because we will eat so many, but they can be served with anything, or as an appetizer.

Check out Locals Seafood for their latest Market Selection straight from the NC coast! Happy shucking!

Happy Thanksgiving & Oyster Season in NC |

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