Thursday, October 24, 2013

NY Times Purple Plum Torte

Oh Smitten Kitchen, you did it again! You brought a wonderful recipe to the surface and to my attention! I saw this and thought, this would be a good "cheat" recipe. 

I have been so good about getting back into my gluten free diet since returning from Costa Rica (and yes, those posts are coming soon). I just knew this recipe was going to be the one to throw me off, and it was! I behaved though, I only had a little bit and shared the rest of the cake with Ryan and friends. 

NY Times Purple Plum Torte

Since I wasn't born when this recipe first appeared in the NY Times, I was excited to try it for the first time considering the praise it received from Deb herself and millions of NY Times readers!

NY Times Purple Plum Torte

Deb wasn't lying when she said this was an easy, no-fail recipe. It has simple ingredients, minimal dishes and utensils needed, and cooks perfectly every time! I couldn't find the Italian plums that she refers to, but used regular plums instead and it turned out fine.

This would be a great early Fall dessert or a nice sweet brunch addition. For the recipe and story behind it, hop over to Smitten Kitchen.

Happy plumin'!

Purple Plum Torte

Yields: 1 9-inch round cake
Recipe found at Smitten Kitchen

NY Times Purple Plum Torte

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