Saturday, December 22, 2012

Vacation Margarita

Even though it is now officially the holidays, I am on vacation too! A vacation from work, traveling, chores and anything else that stresses me out. And when I think vacation, I think margaritas!!

Clean Margarita

Clean Margarita

Yea, I know, it is 40 degrees outside and probably snowing where many of you are. But dangit, I want a margarita. When Ryan and I were in Austin several months ago, we decided to treat ourselves to some final Tex Mex before flying home. While perusing the menu, I spotted a "Clean" Margarita, which was absent of all sugar. To my surprise, this was delicious and absolutely what I needed after rich food-filled weekend. Light and refreshing! Who knew that the most essential ingredient of a Margarita (besides tequila) isn't really needed. 

Since that is the last margarita I had, and was associated with a happy memory, I decided to recreate the Clean Margarita, Kettler-style. This turned out to be a lot easier than expected - just use good quality silver tequila. My personal favorite is Patron. I love it and so does my family! 

So, cheers to my holiday vacation (and yours)!!

Clean Margarita

Clean Margarita

Serves: 1
Prep Time: 3 minutes

1 shot silver tequila
2 shots Pelligrino (or other sparkling water)
1 tsp lime juice
2 tsp orange juice
1 cup ice, split
lime wedge (garnish)

Dampen the rim of a glass, and dip into a plate of salt (to create the salt rim). Fill the glass with half of the ice and place the tequila, lime juice and remaining ice in a martini shaker. Give this 4-5 good shakes and pour into the prepared glass. Top off with the Pelligrino (or other sparkling water) and gently stir. Garnish with a lime wedge and let your home vacation begin :)

Feel free to adjust the amount of lime and orange juice to your liking.

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