Tuesday, November 19, 2013

American Meltdown Love

A few weeks ago, I cheated, I mean I really cheated! Before you judge, hear me out. I was about to dive into a 5-Day Fall Cleanse, one that I knew would really challenge my food cravings. I love to eat, and anyone that knows me, understands that taking that away from me removes a small piece of my soul! Therefore, in order to mentally prepare myself for this cleanse, I decided to indulge as much as possible the night before (which you are not supposed to do according to Cleanse guidelines). 

Enter American Meltdown - the best food truck in Raleigh (or one of many amazing ones)! Hubby and I received word through the social mediasphere of a small food truck rodeo to celebrate a new restaurant opening. We had been trying to track down American Meltdown for a while and noticed they were on the list. This was our chance.

As we arrived in the pouring rain and walked up to the window of the truck, we noticed this shiny silver sign that listed a special, The Truffle Melt. There was no argument from the Hubby there (he has a soft spot for truffles). And yes, it was a $32 sandwich and worth every cent! As we waited anxiously for our food, we chatted it up with the owner and Head Melt Maker Paul. 

He pulled a whole truffle out, while he told us about his "truffle guy" and how it was a pricey risk for him to add this melt to the menu (paid off though). With his Japanese knife and cutting board, he started slicing away. The freshly sliced truffles went on top of sauteed Portabella mushrooms, sottocenere cheese and local bread. All to be served with their famous fried Brussels sprouts.

Delicious, amazing, luxurious, satisfying. This Melt was the perfect way to prepare for my 5-Day Fall Cleanse. It led me to a gluten guilt so bad, the cleanse was the only cure.

Check out their calendar and follow them on social media. It is worth hunting down this truck to taste one of their cheesy, bold, scrumptious melts!

Keep kicking ass American Meltdown.

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